Professional solutions for professionals

The company’s mission is to provide technologically advanced solutions for building lighting fixtures.

We want our solutions to be widely applied as standards for our business partners’ own projects.

Many years of experience in building lighting fixtures have contributed to the development of unique solutions tailored to the needs of demanding customers.
We offer the highest quality components for lighting manufacturers.

Reboline also offers:

  • production facilities with the ability to design custom-made solutions;
  • technical skills to provide support for individual solutions to tailor lighting components;
  • laboratory facilities, where we have a goniometer to assess the photometric curve and a spectrometer to assess the spectral spectrum.

We provide quality

Our warehouses have dozens of kilometers of different aluminum profiles and lighting components ready for shipment.

We also have the highest quality powder paint facility offering a wide range of colors depending on demand.

We provide comprehensive logistics on orders, with shipment for standard solutions within 3-5 working days.

Trends on the world markets as well as events of recent months have shown the great advantage of our production in Poland which meets all EU standards.

Ease of order completion, high quality, short lead times, availability and communication – all are part of our advantage and competitiveness.

Our original designs take into account all technical requirements for specialized aluminum profiles and LED components. Our solutions are of the highest quality, and are precisely tailored to customer needs and specific applications.We use high quality materials for superior performance.